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Обработка фотографий для начинающих. Часть 2. Проявляем небо.

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Очень часто при съемке пейзажей, панорам, да и вообще фотографий с небом заполненным облаками, снимки получаются блеклыми и довольно скучными. В большинстве случаев это можно исправить. Как? Существует много приемов, которые я бы разделил на две категории: это проявление фактуры неба в процессе съемки и вытягивание цвета в процессе постобработки. Немного о первом случае...Сделать небо более насыщенным, с четко проявленными облаками Вам помогут фильтры накручиваемые на объектив. Самый распространенный их них это поляризационный фильтр. У любого уважающего себя фотографа он должен быть в наличии. Поворотом фильтра вы можете регулировать степень затемнения небосвода, а также убирать блики с поверхностей. Но это отдельная тема для будущего разговора. Еще один способ-это брекетинг экспозиции. То есть вы делаете несколько кадров с определенным шагом экспозиции, например от -2 до +2, а потом складываете их программным способом. Про это я тоже обязательно расскажу, когда будем говорить про процесс получения HDR фото. Про вторую категория я бы хотел остановиться немного подробнее.

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Magazine suggestions?

My husband has gotten into digital SLR photography lately and really enjoys researching lenses and techniques. He is leaving for Afghanistan in a few weeks and probably won't have the time or internet capabilities to look at camera things like he does while he's home. I was thinking maybe a photography magazine would be interesting for him and was hoping people here had experience, positive or negative, with some of the magazines available. There are a lot out there and since I don't know anything about photography myself I'm not a good judge. Popular Photography is on sale at amazon.com for $9 but the description doesn't really say anything about it's content. He only has a digital SLR, so things about film photography aren't what I'm looking for.
I'm not sure if any of this matters, but here are some details:
- He has a Nikon D 3100 and several lenses
- We take a lot of pictures of our 3 year old and 4 month old daughters
- We are stationed in Germany so we go to a lot of castle ruins, museum exhibits and landscapes
Preferably, the magazine would be monthly so I have more to send him and not $150 a year for 4 issues, which I have seen several of :-)
Thanks so much for your help and opinions!

Auto-focus question

I went browsing for a new lens in one of the photographic stores near my home the other day and I'm hoping someone here can clarify something for me. One of the things I wanted to know when comparing two lenses I'm considering is how good their auto-focus is in low light. I've got terrible night vision so I'm heavily reliant on auto-focus when I'm shooting in low light conditions, and the salesdude suggested that the sharpness of the autofocus would come down mostly to the camera body over the lens. I'm currently shooting on a Canon 450D but I'm thinking of upgrading to a 5D MkII when I find a money tree, and he said the 450D is accurate to 'within half a depth of field'.

Is this a spec which I could find listed somewhere? Is this actually correct, or is he just trying to upsell me a camera body with the new lens? It sounds plausible, but I'm interested to hear other opinions.

No Bear Left Behind.....

Canon 5D Mark II, EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, ISO: 3200, f/2, 1/25s

103/365 in 2011 (Photo-a-Day #1023)

It's happened again but this time right outside my door. I swore if I ever found another abandoned toy on London streets again I would take them home with me. I found the rest of this little guy and its now safe.

Now what do I name him?

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Do brands really matter?

I'm buying a battery grip for my DSLR camera to help balance out the weight of a couple lenses I rented.

Should I buy the Canon brand ($117), possibly plastic aftermarket Adorama Flashpoint brand ($60) or the supposedly metal & "molded-from-the-original" aftermarket High-Performance PRO brand ($60)??

I can't find any seemingly legit reviews on the High-Pro brand, but I have to have this thing in my hands, at reasonable cost, next Friday morning before I leave for Maine. Thoughts?
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