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The future comes without film.

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a photography community for digital SLR users
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digital slr community for posting photos and getting advice on cameras and lenses
"SLR" stands for "Single Lens Reflex". The main difference between an SLR and a point and shoot camera is that SLRs can change their lenses. But you probably already knew that!

This community was created as a gathering point for owners and would-be owners of digital SLRs. Here we can discuss the merits of certain models, ask questions, post pictures, talk lenses, techniques, etc.

There are a ton of photo communities out there so why post in this one?
1. It’s not just a photo posting place, its also a community you can come to for advice about digital SLRs.
2. We’re professionals, advanced amateurs and hobbyists. We only tolerate professionals who treat the beginners with respect and patience, hate-mongering photo trolls will not be tolerated. Also no one will bash you for not using film in this community.
3. No photo posts from non-digital SLR cameras. Unless you are comparing shots between a digital SLR and another camera.
4. No horrible photos. Too many photo communities are full of either overly critical photo snobs, or people taking pictures of their feet (pets, or flowers…) on their 2 megapixel cameras. None of that here. All posts are moderated.

The rules:
1. If post a huge photo (anything beyond 1000px) put it behind a cut.
2. If you post more than one photo put it behind a cut.
3. Use common sense in criticism of your peers. This isn't a criticism community. We don’t expect too many really awful photographic posts in here since logic would dictate someone would have to really have a love for photography to shell out cash for a digital SLR. Don’t murder someone with words simply because a photo is not to your tastes. If something is truly awful or inappropriate it will likely be removed anyhow.
4. In your first post tell us what sort of camera you are using or wanting, and maybe even a little about how long you’ve been into photography and what got you into it.
5. Don't post entries that don't allow comments, and don't redirect your comments to a blog outside the community. That's a hit and run.
6. While we encourage posts from all regions, your mods are English speaking, so text entries in languages other than English that do not include a translation will be deleted.

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